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Why Digital Marketing?

The world is becoming digital in a fast pace.The development of e-commerce and the era of modern technological advances has spawned the growth of digital marketing companies. This unfolding of modern technologies and the predominance of digital marketing are all doing what they can to catch up with the pace.

The world and the companies in many industries are starting to recognize the importance of going digital and the marketing departments are looking for digital marketing agencies to adapt to the changes.

Today, businesses are either amplifying their current marketing strategies with digital marketing techniques or the late bloomers are switching their plans to a digital one.

Why Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing and why is digital marketing for your business?

The definition of digital marketing is simple the promotion of products and services in various forms of electronic media. It is the future of marketing and it will replace the tradition form of promotion soon.

The new methods of advertising are faster, versatile and more practical than the original method. They are also cost effective.

Here are some of the forms of digital marketing:

  • Website (SEO Content)
  • Blogs
  • Viral Marketing
  • Online video content
  • PPC (pay per click advertising)
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.)

If you are not yet convinced, here are the figures to prove why it is rapidly changing the face of marketing:

  • More than 34% of the businesses are into digital marketing as early as 2016
  • 72% of the businesses believe that traditional marketing is now a thing of the past and is no longer enough. It was found out that digital marketing can increase your business by 30% during the first run.
  • More than 80% of business have increased their digital marketing budget more than their IT budget.

With these statistics let us zero in on why digital marketing is important for your business?

You need digital marketing to keep up and be a part of the widespread and rewarding online marketplace.

Digital marketing is not just for today, it is the future of marketing. Your business should not be left behind in the Jurassic era of traditional marketing moves.

The world has moved from the traditional way to the digital way of living. People prefer digital content and businesses should keep up.

In addition, digital means of communication is more adaptable, quicker,result-driven and quantifiable. It can benefit both the customers and the business.

Digital Marketing provides equal opportunity for all kinds of business

It is right to say that digital marketing has leveled the online playing field. It provides an equal opportunity for businesses big and small. It has empowered the little to medium businesses to compete with established companies and get their share of the market.

Digital Marketing is cost effective

It is more cost effective as compared to the traditional way of marketing.Even small business without capital can work their way around and launch a compelling campaign. A small budget can go a long way provided that they have the right ingredients in their campaign.

Digital Marketing delivers conversion

Conversion rate optimization can deliver leads, supporters, deals, and sales. This is very important in business because if there is no conversion, your activity would amount to nothing. If you have an online business and you are marketing your products and services online, you can easily measure the rate of conversion. It will give you an idea on where to focus your resources for improvement.

Digital Marketing can help you generate better revenues

A better conversion rate means great revenues and with better revenues, small businesses can optimize their business. This happens because digital marketing is more targeted to the right market.

Digital Marketing facilitates interaction with targeted audiences

One of the capabilities of digital marketing is the way it can facilitate interaction between targeted audiences and deliver results from that interaction. It can encourage social media engagements. One way for your company to grow is to acquire more clients through exposure in various social media channels. Knowing how to target customers based on their interest, age and location is good but interacting with them is even better.

Digital Marketing caters to mobile consumers

Millennials cannot live without their smartphones, mobile marketing is the modern way of information dispersal and as a consequence affects buying decision. If a business will not join the bandwagon, they will be left behind.

Digital Marketing builds the brand’s reputation

One of the importance of digital marketing is its capacity to pull in target audiences. These audiences will find out about your brand and will be curious about what you can bring to the table.

If these audiences are happy with your brand they will likely interact with your site more and convert other consumers.

Digital Marketing can track your customer’s journey

Using specific tools like Google analytics, businesses can monitor their customer’s actions, preferences and better insight into their behaviors. Building the customer’s persona is hard if you want to do it manually. However, with digital marketing you can offer your customers a perfect experience with the data available based on their persona.

Digital Marketing can help you get ahead of the competition

Most businesses have given up their use of traditional advertising methods. Instead the are focusing on Google AdWords, Social Media or SEO. It is a competitive world out there and getting your small business to gain customers. But with the new tools you can now use it get a better idea on what your competition are doing. You can learn from their marketing strategies and improve your business.

Digital Marketing can help you earn people’s trust

Digital marketing’s foundation is based on social proof, testimonials, and social media signals from clients, who have experienced the product or service of a particular company. People has this habit of gravitating towards a product or service that has a positive feedback. Social media influencers have made money based on this premise.


It is important to know the importance of digital marketing and what it can do for your business. Implementing digital marketing in your business strategy is the most efficient way that can reap many rewards for your business.

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